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MVA Violations

Outstanding Tickets

1.  The ticket must be paid to the jurisdiction that issued the ticket.

2. The ticket must be showing as "paid" on the MVA database in order for Norman's to process any further transactions for the vehicle.

3.  Maryland MVA charges a $30.00 administrative fee if you did not pay the ticket on time. You can make $30.00 administrative fee payments to Norman's.

Insurance Violation

MVA is requiring proof of insurance for a vehicle you own(ed). If you had valid tags on the vehicle but did not have insurance, MVA will flag your license for non-compliance. If the vehicle was not in your possession at the time the insurance was cancelled, you may not be responsible for the fines. Contact MVA's Insurance Compliance Division at 410-768-7431 to make the payment or to find out more information about the violation.

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