Norman's Tags and Title


Your Maryland Title, With Your Name Typed On The Front As The Owner, Was lost, Mutilated or Misassigned

To Obtain A Maryland Duplicate Title, You Will Need:

1. Tag number, VIN Number and/or title number of vehicle.
   A. This information can be obtained from:
        a.  a current or old registration card
        b. insurance card, policy or invoice statement
        c. physical VIN plate on the vehicle

2. Driver's License(s).
    A. if there is more than one owner, all owners must sign the Application for Duplicate Title and Norman's Power of Attorney.

If Someone Other Than The Vehicle Owner Is Applying For The Maryland Duplicate Title:

1. Personal Representative of a deceased owner:
   A. Original Letters of Administration

2. Surviving Spouse
   A. If vehicle is jointly owned by spouses:
        a. Death Certificate
   B. If vehicle is owned by just the deceased spouse:
        a. Original Letters of Administration

3. Trustee:
   A. Copy of the trust agreement, certified by a Notary Public as a true and correct copy.

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