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Temporary Tag

MVA does not offer extensions on temporary tags and you cannot get another set of temporary tags. Temporary tags are valid for 30 days only.
A Temporary Tag Is Only Issued When:

1.  A Maryland Safety Inspection is required and
     A.  The vehicle was last purchased from a private party or an out-of-state dealer or
     B.  A gift title transfer that requires an inspection is being processed.

A Temporary Tag Is Not Issued When:

1.  The vehicle was purchased from a Maryland dealer.
2.  The vehicle was previously tagged in Maryland and is not changing ownership.

A Maryland Safety Inspection Is Required When:

1.  A vehicle changes ownership and
    A.  Does not meet the criteria of a Gift Title Transfer.
    B.  Does not meet the criteria of Historic or Street Rod Vehicles.
    C. Does not meet the criteria of a Farm Area vehicle.
2.  A new resident is bringing their vehicle to Maryland for the first time.

A Maryland Safety Inspection Is Not Required When:

1.  A vehicle that was purchased brand new, with a few exceptions.
2.  A vehicle does not change ownership and at one time had permanent Maryland tags.
3.  A Gift Title Transfer that avoids the inspections is processed.
4.  The vehicle is registered as a Historic vehicle or Street Rod vehicle.

Temporary Tags With A Title Transfer:

1.  See Title Transfer section.  Disregard the Maryland Safety Inspection Certification requirement.

Temporary Tags Without A Title Transfer:

The Title transfer was previously processed and ownership remains the same.
1. Driver's License
2. Maryland Title with your name printed on the front as the owner
3. Maryland Insurance
   A. Company name and policy number


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